Cargo Charters

Cargo Charters

WAM & ZINGS (AVIATION SERVICES) is a specialist in providing out sized, remote, urgent, perishable and dangerous goods cargo charter solutions.

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  • Remote Destinations Cargo Charters
  • Over sized Goods Cargo Charters
  • Dangerous Goods Cargo Charters
  • Airline Support Cargo Charters

Our team of experienced aviation specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing you with quality and reliable support for all your cargo charter needs.

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WAM & ZINGS provides air cargo charter solutions at short notice worldwide thanks to long-term contacts with airlines and specialized cargo aircraft operators.

WAM & ZINGS is committed to find rapid and tailor made air cargo charter solutions, providing support for worldwide clients needing strategic transportation assistance.

WAM & ZINGS specializes in:

Air Cargo Charters for transportation of heavy cargo and out sized cargo
Outsize and heavy cargo requires professional consultation and careful planning in order to provide the most cost effective aircraft charter solution within the urgent timelines required.

Air Cargo Charters for transportation of relief cargo or aid cargo
During International emergencies and disasters, time is of the essence. Specialized Relief and Aid cargo operators will fly into remote and cut off areas to provide first response goods in the shortest time possible.

Air Cargo Charters for transportation of sensitive Cargo and perishable goods
High value perishable goods require air cargo charter as any delays associated with scheduled airlines could be very costly.

Air Cargo Charters for transportation of urgent “Must Go” cargo
When deadlines need to be met, Aircraft cargo charter is the best solution. When penalty clauses apply or large amounts of losses are being suffered, charter aircraft will provide immediate solutions.

Air Cargo Charters for transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous cargo
Hazardous Material and Dangerous Goods cargo require experienced consultants that can assist with finding the right aircraft charter and permit approval procedures.

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