Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation

WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES is in constant direct contact with the world’s most reputed Air Ambulance operators.

Our international team of aviation specialists will assist you with worldwide medical emergency transport consultations, providing you with the best options available within the shortest time span possible.

In order to provide optimum services, we would require following information:

  • Is the patient stabilized and medically cleared to fly?
  • Can you provide an updated medical report for the patient?
  • Have arrangements been made to receive the patient at the destination point?
  • Has the hospital requested for specific equipment to be available on board?



Emergency medical evacuation aircraft or Medivac/Medevac is the fastest and most efficient method of transporting and flying people needing immediate medical attention. Medivac is basically an aero-medical emergency transport service that saves lives by saving on time.
Medevac is used for the critically ill and for people who cannot travel long distances because of age, limited mobility or illness. Medivac is also useful for people living in remote locations or areas of difficult access where suitable medical facilities are not available. Medevac is also used for individuals whose medical needs would not be fully met by a ground ambulance.

Medivac aircraft are fully-fledged air ambulances with complete medical equipment including an ICU, oxygen, doctors and emergency operating facilities and more. On the other hand, a specialized helicopter fitted with stretchers for the transport of the infirm, can also be used. Facilities provided on a Medevac or Air Ambulance are dependant on the requirements of the client.

With its extensive online database and expertise around the world, WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES provides Medivac Air Ambulance Aircraft suited to the condition and requirements of the patient. In addition, we will provide maximum support to the client and the operator.
Medevac Air Ambulance Aircraft can generally be mobilized within hours.

Medivac Air Ambulance Standby Services

WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES also provides Medivac Air Ambulance standby service plans for large corporations. The Medivac standby plan requires the corporations to brief us in advance, and all aspects of an emergency medical evacuation is planned in detail, in accordance with the client’s requirements. When a medical evacuation is required, the Medivac Air Ambulance is dispatched as quickly as possible.
Clients for Medivac can be either family dependents, employees of major corporations or insurance companies.