Personnel Evacuation

Personnel Evacuation

WAM & ZINGS is ideally situated to provide emergency evacuation and air charter services for the Middle-East, Africa, and Asia region. Furthermore, our long-term relationships with national carriers and charter airlines gives us a unique edge to draw on aircrafts worldwide at any time in case of emergency evacuations.

WAM & ZINGS can provide evacuation and emergency charter services for one individual or a large group. We provide emergency evacuation aircraft most suited to our clients’ requirements and location, from a two-seater to a 480-seater with appropriate speed and range.

Individuals working in remote and difficult locations, employees of major corporations and individuals working in politically unstable, remote or difficult locations require the assurance that an emergency evacuation aircraft can be provided at short notice.

Anything from a fire, hurricane, and medical emergency to a civil disturbance might prove life threatening if proper action is not taken at the proper time.

WAM & ZINGS experienced staff is on call 24 hours to provide rapid response to enquiries for emergency air charter requirements for such personnel.

Emergency Evacuation Standby Service

WAM & ZINGS can provide Emergency Evacuation Standby Service for companies operating in countries all over the world. According to the Emergency Evacuation Standby Service Programme, the emergency air charter is briefed in advance and all aspects of an evacuation are fully planned and agreed with the company.

Options in Emergency Evacuation Standby Service Programme

WAM & ZINGS can agree to different levels of readiness with the client for the service of emergency evacuations and emergency air charters.

At the lowest level of preparedness, Emergency Evacuation Standby can simply be an exchange of information and an agreement to co-operate.

At the highest-level, Emergency Evacuation Aircrafts are placed on standby.

In the Emergency Evacuation Standby Programme, the situation may be monitored and the level of readiness up or down graded. The objective of this is to provide the Emergency Evacuation and Emergency Air Charter Service, prior to any violent unrest.