Professional Industries

Professional Industries

WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES, is a seasoned provider of Wet Lease solutions to various industries across the world. With our global network of clients and operators, we ensure the provision of the ideal aircraft for any type of wet lease requirements.
WAM & ZINGS operates to build its reputation by serving its client to the optimum satisfaction level.
With a diverse portfolio of modern Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, ATR, Bombardier and more types of  Aircraft, WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES is the solution to your growing demand for aircraft wet lease.
Our team of dedicated wet lease specialists can offer you the most reliable and tailor made options to suit any interim aircraft need such as route expansion requirements, sudden or seasonal peaks, planned or unplanned maintenance schedules and aircraft type feasibility studies.
The leasing team at WAM & ZINGS has direct, long-term relationships with many of the world’s leading airlines.

WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES guides its customers to:-

  • Receive the best options on aircraft types
  • Receive operations assistance during contract period
  • Get multiple options on different aircraft types based on route study
  • Professional assistance with selecting the best aircraft for the proposed plan

Contact us today with your inquiry and let us assist you in acquiring the aircraft of your choice.

WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES, provides Wet Lease solutions to the following:-

Startup Ventures

WAM & ZINGS, offers a wet lease consultative approach.
Our team of wet lease specialists offers an analysis of market trends for the optimal airline, based on the market, network plans, traffic estimates, interior layouts and performance requirements.
As an airline entrepreneur, diligent planning must be put in to weighing the pros and cons of wet lease over buying new aircrafts or the purchase of a second hand aircraft. As market trends suggest, leasing has become the preferred options for all start up ventures due to its low capital yield in the initial investment stages.
Starting with wet lease, also ensures that any start up airline has the time to decide on the right aircraft type for their long term plans, focus on immediate market share and slowly progress to setting up their in-house operations and maintenance departments.
Contact us today with your inquiry and let us assist you in acquiring the right aircraft for your business venture. We can assist you with:

  • Providing operations assistance throughout the contract period
  • Recommending the best aircraft based on client requirements
  • Save on costs by sourcing the required aircraft at the best market price
  • Analyzing market trends and proposing the best plan suited for your business

Oil, Gas and Mining

WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES, is capable to provide air logistics support to oil, gas and mining companies and has added great value to the business by ensuring timely and smooth crew change of the offshore/onshore crew members, movement of equipment and raw material logistics.
We promise to source a aircraft for you with state-of-the-art avionics, communication and navigation equipment, at the most reasonable operating costs.
Contact us today with your inquiry and let us assist you in acquiring the right aircraft for you. We can assist you with:

  • Leasing helicopters for offshore crew changes
  • Leasing fixed or rotor wing aircraft for operations
  • Leasing of helicopters for geophysical projects and excursions
  • Leasing of cargo aircrafts to transport drilling equipment to the site
  • Bid placements for tenders globally to provide aircrafts on wet lease
  • Leasing of aircrafts to places where transportation is difficult and not feasible via road
  • Leasing of Medevac aircrafts and helicopters for on-sight remote project assistance

Military / NGO / Reconstruction

WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES, has a proud history of serving the military for the purposes of rebuilding, transporting and relocation of personnel.
We have participated in meeting the call for moving troops and material to different countries, especially in African Continent. Our long and valued partnership with military services has been forged as a result of our dedication to being up to the mark, during a crisis.
Contact us today and let us support your military airlifts, and co-ordinate your domestic and international military air charter requirements.
Operator Management

WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES, offers a comprehensive service to operators who want to wet lease their aircrafts out and work across a broad spectrum that includes sales, re-marketing and wet lease placement, financing operations, acquisition and management, transaction negotiation, execution and deal structuring and technical services.
Contact us today with your inquiry and let us assist you in the placement of your aircraft. We can assist you with:

  • Investigating financing options, opportunities and strategies
  • Explore opportunities to maximize return on your investment
  • Determine acquisition cost and aircraft operating assessments
  • Review aircraft specifications and monitor technical and pre-purchase evaluations
  • Provide answers about taxes, registration, insurance, and other services you may require
  • Establishing a purchasing strategy, including the pre-purchase inspection and final delivery acceptance