Relief & Aid

Relief & Aid

WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES has a reputation in providing humanitarian aid and relief charters for disasters around the world. At WAM & ZINGS we work extensively to provide humanitarian aid for:

  • Government Organizations
  • International Aid Agencies
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • UN Agencies
  • Relief and Aid Suppliers

Moreover, WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES  is committed to facilitate the transportation of construction materials to war-ravaged regions and countries that have faced wide-spread destruction by natural disasters. We work extensively with various organizations for the purpose of reconstruction which include:

  • Military
  • Private Security Companies
  • Integrated Logistics Support Services
  • Risk management Companies
  • Private Military Corporations
  • Peacekeeping Missions
  • Private Military Firms
  • Military Service Providers
  • Privatized Military Industry

At WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to provide all the help we can to the people in these troubled regions, quickly and efficiently. Our extensive operational planning skills and knowledge of selecting the ‘right’ carrier for the various regions they are required for, allows flexibility and timely deployments to be carried out without delay.

Contact us immediately in case of such emergencies and let us assist you in getting help to these regions.

Our experienced and professional team at WAM & ZINGS AVIATION SERVICES ensures a quick response to any crisis in any part of the world, making us an integral service provider for all aid and relief agencies.